What Matters


Drink in moderation. It is better not to drink than drink excessively.

True happiness is not having the best of everything.

True happiness is taking whatever you have, as little as may be, and make the best out of it.

True love is neither physical nor romantic. True love is an acceptance of all that is.

Here is my creed. I believe there is a supreme intelligence that is absolute and pure.

It is the source of everything we can and cannot comprehend.

It manifests itself through the universe and through us.

We are part of it and emanate from it. This is my understanding of the creator, the Source

Love Her. To love Her is to do good to Her other children and especially the less fortunate.

That is the most acceptable service you can render to Her.

One day when you will tell yourself: ” life is not about me anymore. Others count more”

One day when you say: “I love you” with no strings attached.

One day when you say: ” I forgive you” without anything holding you back.

That day you are at peace with yourself.

That day you are on the right path.

That day you are getting closer to the creator.

That day you are in unison with the source.

Love and forgiveness are two gifts granted to us by the source.

It is easy to say these two words. It is difficult to mean them. Always try.

Just try to be Decent, Giving, Loving, and Forgiving.

Love you all.

Dr. E. Giessinger