Welcome to Giessinger Winery  
  The best wine is the one you like.Only your palate matters.  
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Delicious wines, delectable foods, and wonderful friends are among life's most treasured joys...

At Giessinger Winery, you will have the opportunity to experience and enjoy wine tasting and delicious food in one of the most lush regions in the world. Our high quality, moderately priced wines bring the art of French wine making to the beautiful California countryside in Ventura County. It is our steadfast goal to create an atmosphere of hospitality and physical beauty for each of our guests, in order to make the wine tasting experience one of friendship, laughter, and who knows...even romance!
  We invite you to create your own memories by visiting our wineries and tasting rooms in Fillmore and Westlake Village for an unforgettable wine and food experience.

 2015 Best Tasting Room in Santa Barbara.

Awarded by the US Commerce Association (USCA).